We see companies differently

Core software, core service

Limber is a software and a service. Our cloud-based software integrates project management, document management, quality management, customers relationship management, enterprise resource planning and product lifecycle management into one platform. Our change coaching service transforms companies into data-driven organizations.

Putting your data to work

All companies generate data in their digital processes. In emails, excels and unlinked software this data, however, is wasted, as it is not connected and refined. Limber’s software gathers all digital processes into one digital platform and becomes your company’s digital backbone. As such it gathers and transparently visualizes the information you need to create more efficient processes, saving your company time and money.

Efficient collaboration through structure

Limber’s user-friendly platform connects people within and outside your organization. It enhances communication and collaboration while streamlining project workflow, all the way from your suppliers to your customers. With Limber, information is at hand whenever you need it, and your work is automated and digitally supported. More structure means more time for money-making activities.

Deep industry knowledge

Limber’s background is in project engineering. We truly understand our customers’ businesses and our industry knowledge spans whole value chains of companies. With this understanding we have created a software and a service that answers to our customers’ needs. No more, no less.

Get it done now

We want your smart digitalization work to be done already. Not in a year, not in six months, but right now. Every company is unique, but trust us, we got this! You can either implement our software in-house with our support, or we can coach you through the process. Even if your company has come some way in your digitalization process, we have the expertise to turn your digital processes into intelligent work. Let us simplify your software portfolio today.

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Founded by engineers and made for engineering projects, Limber Projects is challenging traditional project management.
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