Change management – Setting up for success

December 6, 2021

The old vs the new (and the golden middle way)

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If digital capability is so important, why isn’t the market dominated by young entrepreneurs and digital natives? The truth is that well established companies able to recognize the importance of adopting a working digital strategy backing the existing business plan, have the best starting point. They have their products, market shares, funding, and domain specific competence. But being too slow to react decisively, this advantage will quickly evaporate leaving the marked position exposed to agile new entrants. So what are typical factors identifying such “adaptive” organizations?

After all - most battles of change for success or failure, are still fought on the people-level. The current increase of technological and digital opportunities creates a constant technological debt for most companies. That is, the gap between “what is” and “what is possible”. The ability to adopt and effectively use new opportunities is therefore more critical than before (where tech and SW development was the limiting factor). This continuous backlog of improvement will effectively sift the organisations able to change rapidly from those who don't in years to come. So - maybe it always was - but now it really is down to us humans…

Let's dive into how culture and mindset (change readiness) are now a business critical factor, and what we might do to find a competitive advantage.

The learning organization

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